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Eshon Burgundy FT Tandeace- Look Back (For God’s Sake Mixtape via Humble Beast)

Daniel AMP – Amplified (Mixed and Mastered By BMII)

The GoodFellas (John Givez, Jgivens & Alex) – Infedelity

Daniel AMP – Hello Ohio


1 to 4 Songs $40 per song
8 or more Songs $30 per song

All files must be either 16bit or 24bit wave files. No mp3’s as they are not of the best quality to master.

3 revisions included

All Masters are returned via web in a 16 or 24 bit wave file.  Master CD can be mailed upon request


Mixing (Mixtape Material) :

2Track Mixing (instrumental track & Vocals)

$50 a song up to 24 tracks of vocals
$70 a song for more than 24 tracks of vocals

Stem Mixing

$75 per song

New Customers Only) Your 1st 2track mix  foronly $30!


Fully Tracked Out Individual Songs:

Our mixing rates are $100 a song with 3 revisions up to 48 separated tracks

(New Customers Only) Your 1st Fully Tracked out mix only $50!
*songs with more than 48 tracks up to 60tracks add additional $50 / songs with more than 60 tracks add additional $100


To Inquire about Mixing & Mastering fill out form below

Copy And Paste Questions below and anwser them in the form.

1) How Many Instrument tracks?

2) How many Vocals?

3) Is Vocal Tuning needed (Autotune etc.)

4) Are special FX needed?

5) When is the deadline for the project?


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