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With the slew of producers emerging these days you might not have heard of  Ben Mercedes II but he is not one to be overlooked. BMII is doing something different, he has decided to transition from making run of the mill secular music into making Christian music that has a deeper meaning.

He primarily works as a producer but is also an engineer and a dee-jay; on occasion he has even been known to rap. BMII’s inspiration comes from a variety of areas of life. All different aspects of art move and encourage him to create; whether it’s visual mediums such as paintings and art or audible stimulants. Music from the past, particularly the 1970s, is especially inspiring to him. BMII believes that you cannot create new sounds unless you know where music came from, and more imporantly, where it’s going.

BMII is working toward his goal of working in his own recording studio and doing some more engineering as well. Until then he is living and working in Worcester, Massachusetts where he is currently working with various artist on their individual albums. He will be featured on Eshon Burgundy’s album, Somewhere In The Clouds Looking Down, which is currently set to drop in early 2012. BMII is also working with Martay on her upcoming release as well as Ali Rozets entire album coming soon. In addition to working with other artists BMII is compiling music for his own album.

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